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Maintaining a positive mindset allows you to always strive for satisfaction and happiness.

This is certainly the need for each of us and all of us, by and large, know what we should do, very few actually do it.

I need to focus on the subject at hand so that I can remember the attitudes I need to adopt during challenging times, the actions I need to take every day to restore balance, and the choices I need to make in order to improve my life. Ultimately, my goal is to achieve inner well-being and happiness, which will positively impact all areas of my life.

For a while now, I’ve had a particular word in mind that I felt represented my ultimate goal. Recently, while taking a MindValley course, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Vishen Lakiani, the course instructor, also considers this word to be a powerful one. This revelation confirmed my belief that my choice was not irrational or unfounded To improve our Mindset we must become unfuc*kwithable

I can imagine the smile on your faces, yes you got it right!

I f you are truly atpeace in toch with yourself, nothing anyone says or does will bother you, no negativity o dramma può toccarti.

How does one become unfuc*kwithable.

It sounds like a game and I like to think that this state of mind is easier to achieve in a light and fun way so that as many people as possible can benefit from what I am about to tell you:

To become unfuc*kwithable is not enough to read the definition and be aware that that is what we have to become, it is not a superpower that is acquired by the fall of a meteorite. You become unfuc*kwithable if you apply certain attitudes that I have summarised with key words.

Notes Collection. The ‘mantras’ really work.

From these thoughts of mine came Notes Collection because it is not enough to read a good definition, but it is necessary to remember it and apply it and apply it and remember it…, because our life is long and we… are a little distracted…

Notes Collectionhelp youour happiness by following a few simple “mantras”painted on everydayobjects.

I am applying myself every day and I thought of this Collection to have reminders around the house to stimulate my attention, our attention. NOTES everywhere: at breakfast, in bed, in the living room, in the kitchen…

I knoooow our homes are full of ceramics, but this is a handmade ceramic useful to improve our mindset, a ceramic with superpowers!


First we decide where we are going. Have you ever wondered: Where do I want to be in five years? Here we decide what we really want, what direction we want to give your life. When we get in the car and drive off… we always know where we are going, don’t we? Let’s not be random!

This is what we must do, have a clear vision of our future, because we are the ones who decide it:

T he power to deside is in your hands. Where do you want to go? Define yuou goal, your VISION of the future, nothing will stop you.

We have decided on a direction, but the way may not be clear, there may be obstacles, bumps in the road, people standing in our way, but we will not be deterred:

True courage allows you to act insted of. of reacting. Use it to overcome obstacles.

We learnt this in school… problems have solutions and if they don’t have solutions they are not problems. If the solution is not there, we have to think about our vision of the future and do something that is not easy, but necessary:

Accept what you cannot change, that is the first step to overcome the consequences of any difficulty.

On our way there are sometimes so many difficulties, where do we find the energy we need? Look around us, there are endless miracles all around us. An unexpected smile, an opening gem, a beautiful sunset, the sound of the wind, friendly people, our loved ones:

T hank you, thank you, thank you… thank the Universe around you.Fear disappears, abundance manifests

We keep our attention on what is around us, sometimes luck passes us by or is beside us and we are too caught up in life to notice:

K indness is the attention to see the best in others when they themselves cannot see it.The quality of being friendly, generous and caring.

We apply these NOTES every day, we will feel and look unfuc*kwithable.

Notes Collection. Objects and Workshops for your Well-Being

And so the adventure has begun, I am designing and creating a series of objects to accommodate the keywords we need: for now @power, @courage, @acceptance, @gratitude and @kindeness, each word accompanied by symbols inspired by antiquity, history, religions,

that over time will become real textures in our lives.

Which one do you think you need most? Go look in the shop!

Another way to support the positive mindset is to use or resuscitate creativity. Cilentolab organises Creative Workshops that allow, through painting, drawing, modelling and building, a constant process that involves all areas, increases self-awareness and promotes the rewarding experience of creating with one’s own hands.

Dedicating time to ourselves must be a priority, try to see if any courses catch your eye in the Workshop area. If, on the other hand, you want to give a pottery workshop or some other experience, I have provided Gilf Cards so it will be the person you want to give this gift to who will choose what they like best.

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