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CilentoLab was born in Orria in Cilento in 2021 thanks to the intuition of Giulia Marzaro, to be able to create unique objects and at the same time to be able to share a creative space that is an island for those who need to express themselves between art and crafts.


Giulia è nata e vissuta per tanti anni a Venezia. She graduated from the State Art School in the lagoon city located just a stone’s throw from the Academy of Fine Arts, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection Museum, and François Pinault‘s Punta della Dogana, an immersion in beauty and art.

Here, thanks to the countless opportunities that only Venice can provide, he was able to delve into numerous techniques of drawing, sculpture, architecture as well as restoration in all its facets and gain many experiences while living an extraordinary relationship with art, architecture and design.

Given her passion for jewelry design, she later attended the Vicenza School of Arts and Crafts specializing in goldsmithing where she was able to experience both the creative and executive parts.

But Italy was not enough, and after a brief experience in London, he lived more than two years in the United States, touring the length and breadth of this extraordinary nation: Los Angeles, New York, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Miami, San Francisco… Honolulu in the Hawaiian Islands, all possible stops like there was no tomorrow, given the arrival of the Pandemic, it certainly did well.

Learn the Art and put it aside

Back in Italy she continued her artistic craft path and delved into the history and techniques of ceramics, later combining practice with Nadia Svoboda owner of Svo, and Daniela Levera owner of the Atelier that bears her name, both well-known Venetian artists who introduced her to this beautiful world.

After Venice, London, and dozens of beautiful cities in the United States, Giulia began to cultivate the idea of creating a creative workshop and chose the place that made her feel best, returning to her roots:

In the province of Salerno, in the heart of the Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni National Park in Orria.

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